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Commercial Window Film

Commercial Window Film

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Commercial Window Film

Solar window films allows you to bring light/ heat that enters your building under control. The simple procedure of adding solar control window film can be one of the most important things an employer can do.

Our commercial window film provide benefits for not only you and your employees, but also results in lower company costs in the long run.

Going Green

Our commercial window film  lowers your energy costs. Our films reject up to 75% of the solar heat that may otherwise come through a window.

We increase the comfort of your staff by helping to eliminate hot and cold spots in your building.

In blocking out the sun’s heat, your building’s temperature is determined by your heating and ventilation system, not the position of the sun.

Our commercial window film send the sun’s heat away from your building, giving you and your company extensive savings on your air conditioning cost.

Need more Information?

Applying commercial window film is an efficient and straightforward process with SFF.  The SFF team would like to make it effortless for you to get a quick and easy quote – all you have to do is to pick up a phone and call us on 0861 001 084, or use our innovate alternative, simply take a picture (with a camera or phone) of the area that you would like tinted and email it to and we will contact you.

No matter where you are, across South Africa, we have agents that are awaiting your email to transform your office into a beautiful masterpiece.

Commercial Window Film | Take A Pic and Get A Quote