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Digitally Printed Wallpapers

Bring an entire empty wall to life with SFF custom printed wallpaper. Just pick a wall, choose one of our various textures, and add your own design from scratch (or choose an image or illustration from an image library) and easily install. Classical or modern, sophisticated or whimsical, imagination is the only limit.

This multipurpose product has a number of benefits, not least its unique surface which means it can be printed by the majority of printer types. We use solvent printing techniques to recreate patterns, images and designs in eye-catching quality. Digital wallpaper can be applied to a number of surfaces, providing a quick and efficient way of giving walls, doors and other traditionally uninspiring surfaces a new dimension.

Our technology and capabilities mean that we are able to create textured wallpapers that appeal to a variety of audiences. It allows residential customers to showcase their high resolution photographs as decorative pieces of art in their home. On the other hand, businesses can design personalized wallpaper featuring their branding and corporate identity.

Digital wallpapers, paste free application, means it is simple to install, an obvious bonus for the DIY enthusiast, and combined with our state of the art print facilities, it is no surprise that more and more customers are utilizing this innovative new twist on a traditional decorating method.

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