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What Is Window Film ?

Window film is optical grade polyester sheeting with coloured dye and/or metal particles imbedded into its surface to reduce the transmission of solar heat, light, and ultraviolet rays through a pane of glass, simultaneously reducing glare.

How Is Window Film Applied To Glass ?

The film has a powerful adhesive on one side that is kept clean by a protective liner which is removed at time of installation. Professional installers completely clean and prep the glass prior to installation. Using a special mounting solution, squeegee and stainless cutting blades, they prepare, fit and secure the film to the glass.

Can Window Film Be Applied To Any Surface ?

NO. Window film is designed for application to smooth window glass only. It is not recommended for use on any unsmooth surfaces or polycarbonates.

To What Extent Can Window Film Reduce Heat ?

Heat rejection properties of window films vary from one product to another. Some films can reject as much as 78 percent of total solar energy.

How Long Does Window Film Last Once Applied ?

The life of window film depends on factors that include the application of the film, orientation of the window and geographic location. When properly installed, it is not uncommon for window film to remain attractive and effective for as long as 30 years or more.

What About Warranties ?

Solar Film Foundation provides limited lifetime warranty coverage for a number of our automotive and residential films. Other products are backed by varying degrees of warranty coverage, depending on the film and application.

Is There A Window Film You Can't See Through ?

Solar Film Foundation carries the industry’s finest Black Out film which completely blocks all light and obstructs visibility from both sides. For more details about Black Out film, check the Window Tints Shop. You’ll also find information about other unique products including our White Out and Matte films.

Why Is Window Film A Better Choice Than Tinted Glass ?

Solar Film Foundation’s window films provide numerous benefits including solar heat and ultraviolet rejection and they can be easily fitted to most existing glass which makes them less costly than replacing windows with tinted glass. They also help protect occupants from flying shards of broken glass in the event of accidental breakage.

Can Window Film Stop Fading ?

Solar Film Foundation window film is constructed with ultraviolet-stabilized, dyed polyester which blocks up to 99 percent of the ultraviolet energy that is harmful to humans and damaging to fabrics and furnishings. However, ultraviolet energy is only one of the factors that contribute to fading. It is estimated that ultraviolet is responsible for roughly 40 to 60 percent of fading. Solar heat and light energy also contribute to fading, as do humidity, moisture, abuse and the quality of some dyes used in fabrics. Since these factors vary for different types of films and materials, the fade reduction benefit will also vary depending on the type of film selected, the quality of the products being protected and the environment.

Can Window Film Save On My Energy Bill ?

Once installed Solar Film Foundation’s window film helps reduce the amount of solar heat energy coming through a pane of glass. This makes it easier to cool a room or the interior of a car, resulting in lower energy consumption. The extent of savings will depend on the type of film selected and the geographic location where the film is used.

Are There Different Types of Window Films ?

The window film line up includes product solutions for just about any solar control, safety or security need. Contact us to help in selecting the film that best serves your needs.

Can The Film Be Scratched During Cleaning ?

Proper care and cleaning are critical to maintaining the beautiful appearance of window film. All window film products are susceptible to scratching and damage if they are not properly maintained. To help prevent minor scratches that can occur with cleaning, window films come standard with a very tough, scratch-resistant coating. Still, it is important to follow the care and cleaning instructions provided by your dealer to ensure a long service life from your window film product.

Does The Window Film Reduce The Chances of Glass Breakage ?

Standard solar control window films can help hold broken glass together in the event of accidental breakage. However, these films do not strengthen the glass enough to provide shatter-proofing, or reduce the chance of glass breakage.

What Do I Need To Know About Maintenance ?

After the dry-out process is complete, your window film will not need any special care. Cleaning window film can be done safely with mild soapy water and a soft cloth or soft paper towel. Do not use any rough or abrasive materials for cleaning the film side of the glass. Always use cloths that are free of contamination or dirt particles.

Can I Replace My Existing Window With ?

A major benefit of window film is that you can remove and replace it whenever you want. Your professional Installer will be happy to discuss this with you. Contact SFF to find out more on this topic.